Friday, April 12, 2013

Gettin Ready!

Quick back story:  I am in a group with three awesome Christian ladies (love them!). We get together regularly to eat, chat, vent, encourage, pray. Occasionally we read a faith-based book and meet to chat about it.

Which brings me to now... We decided to start another book, but this one will be's the Daniel Fast! What's that you ask? It's a biblical based fast involving the mind, body, and soul. It's a vegan diet with even more restrictions. Also included are daily devotions and prayer time focusing not only on your own prayer requests, but time is spent interceding for others.

This past week has been prep week. Reading the first chapter of the book, researching recipes, praying about recieving as well as giving...during and after the fast. Tomorrow I go grocery shopping then the next two days will be spent preparing meals for the week. A really awesome addition..... My husband will be doing the fast with me!!!

I'm hoping to blog my journey as much as possible. I'm so excited to see what God has in store for me..for us.

Monday, April 8, 2013

It ain't always that pretty

I am blessed, so very blessed. I write mostly about all the wonderful things in my life. But it ain't always that pretty...

I've yet to lose my baby weight (working on it). My post baby "horror"mones are trying to find their way to normal and my skin is reeking havoc because of it. My kids whine...often. They don't do what I ask, the first time I ask. I have days where I'd like a "do-over". I'm very normal. But at the end of the day I choose to paint my picture with colors I love (aka, the highlights of my day). I lay my (usually tired & stressed out) head on my pillow at night- thankful for my crazy day in munchkinland.

On that note.... One of the highlights of my day is getting to introduce Lennox to grass! It was a beautiful day- finally! The boys and I were outside all day. As the two bigger boys played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on their playground, Lennox and I explored the grass. He loved it! And I loved watching him love it!

So tonight as I lay my head on my pillow, I thank God for a beautiful day, giggling little boys, a husband that cooked a yummy dinner, oh...and make-up. ;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I've Got the Fever!!

YEAH! It's spring! Hence "the fever"=spring fever. ;) You wouldn't know it by the weather though... 37 degrees! Say what!?! I know, right!?! It's not stopping me from getting the gloom of winter behind me though. It wasn't a bad winter...but winter, none-the-less.

I'm looking extra forward to spring/summer this year. Last year was tough for me. To spare you the whining... My pregnancy made for a tough transition into our new home/neighborhood. I fear I'm presumed to be anti-social/socially akward. :/ My focus was my family and my health. All the "cool things" I heard about our new neighborhood I did not experience. I tried to make efforts to "fit in" but fear they just backfired. I just wasn't feeling it in "the hood". Hoping things are better on that end of things...

Harrison, my 5yr old, keeps asking if he can run with me. Now that I FINALLY feel like I have my body back I just need a bit of a warmer day and we're on it! I love that we do this together. He's my little running buddy. We signed him up for baseball this summer too! He's gonna look so cute in that uniform! ;)

I can't wait to chase Liam (almost 4) around the yard and swing with him. He just loves the swingset and huge yard at the new house. He's gonna be playing soccer this spring! I will officially be a "soccer mom"! Yippee!

I'm so excited to introduce lil' Lennox, now 5mos., to soft green grass, warm sun, and the pool! He just loves watching his big brothers. He loves them so much, I can see it in his eyes. It's so awesome watching them all together.

It's gonna be a great spring/summer with all three of my beautiful boys! (And of course my biggest boy...the hubs!) :)

I have a few goals this season:  One, to run in a few races, straight runs and obstacle races. Two, to sew more. I'm in the middle of making a rag quilt for Lennox. I want to make my two bigger boys one too. I also want to make clothes. Pinterest has my head spinning with ideas! Three, of course play, play, play with my littles. And four, prepare Harrison for KINDERGARTEN! Yes, my first born is entering the "school system". Sniffle,Sniffle. :'(

I'm feeling healthy, happy, and incredibly blessed!! I'm the luckiest gal to be surounded by FOUR gorgeous boys that love me so much...all the time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wow! It's been a while!

Hi! I've been busy since my last entry. Short story:  We moved AND had a new baby! Baby boy Wright #3 is now 11 wks old! His name is Lennox Joel and he is a good mix of our older two boys, Harrison (now 5) and Liam (now 3). He's a happy baby & we couldn't imagine life without him! All three boys keep me very busy! They are doing and saying so many silly things. It's been on my mind to start blogging again to record these silly things (Facebook has been my substitute). I am back & hoping to log regular entries. I decided to give my FB followers a break from all my silly thoughts & let those who choose to read my blog have them.

In addition to the silly boys, I have found Pinterest! Sooo... this means so many diy's to blog about also! OH SO MANY! I love our new house & have been slowly making it our own. I'm excited to write again! So much goes on in this head of mine during the day as I speak pre- k, toddler, and baby talk all day. ;)

Life is good, I am incredibly blessed and happy be back to blogging!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm back at it again!

triple rosette/ribbon bracelet
So I'm back at the craft thing. A friend asked me to show her how to make a rosette... so when I sat down to do so... I ran away with it again! This is the bracelet I decided to make to go with the outfit I have pictured in my head to wear to church tomorrow! (Can you say run-on sentence?)

AND, I've been looking for a runner (rug) to go behind my couch in a high-traffic area. The ones I find that I like are more than I want to spend. Soooooo, I decided to make one! I am making larger size rosettes out of multiple materials to match my motif! It's going to take me some time... but I'm so excited to get it done and show it off! I will post pics when I'm done!!

My latest new find...... Pinterest! OMG..... it's a DIY heaven!!! More projects to come, I'm sure!

Later Gator!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tall? Grande? Viente? You pick!

step one: take a pound of ground coffee (i used 8 o'clock bean).
dump it into a huge container. big enough to hold two gallons of water and then a bit.
add two gallons of water. mix it around to get all the grounds wet. cover.
walk away until the next day.

the next day (at least 8-10 hours later) strain the coffee mixture through a strainer and paper towels or cheesecloth. (look Q i bought paper towels!!! only because they didn't have cheesecloth).
this will get out all the grounds.
if you used the same container to steep and store...wash it good before putting the coffee concentrate back in there.

put in the fridge.
leave it alone until it is frosty cold and you are sweating buckets.

Then fill cup with ice to the top green line and then coffee concentrate to that line too.
then added a fun creamer selection...this one was caramel macciato.
delish. perfect. wonderful. awesome. did not need to add sugar or anything else.
it went down WAYYYYYY too easy.

iced VIA from starbucks costs $6 for six servings.
this cost me about around the same amount for ten times the servings.
and i love it more than the VIA. and you know how much i love my starbucks.

Thank you pioneer woman  via
   little bit funky

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Will you take $10?

Had my first garage sale....EVER.  Man, they're a lot of work! A lot of time, a lot of sore muscles from all the moving around of tubs/organizing, a lot of reminiscing while going through my boys baby clothes (ok that took the most time), and a lot of people trying to get an even better deal on what you're already giving! But mostly.... every one was pretty cool and pretty fair! So, not a bad experience... just a busy one! So.... we're doing it again in 2 weeks! :)